SKU: 35-009-000

The Flex Lance Safety Grip is designed to minimize the risk on injury to flex lance operators caused by a live nozzle exiting the tube unexpectedly.  The comfortably contoured handle makes it easy to hold the safety grip against the tube sheet, allowing retraction of an active nozzle in to a stainless steel sleeve,where the force of the jets is dissipated.

The Flex Lance Safety Grip is simple to install and is quickly adapted to handle various lance sizes by selecting the appropriately sized lance stop.

Installation of Lance Stops: Simply unscrew the diffuser from the safety grip handle, which will allow the lance stop to be removed.  Insert the new lance in to the back of the safety grip handle.  Select the correct size lance stop for the lance to be used and place it on to the lance behind the nozzle end fitting.  Insert the nozzle through the diffuser and tighten the assembly in to the handle.

(Note: the larger diameter end of the lance stop must be next to the end fitting.)

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