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The 40K Tri-Mode Valve, commonly called a Tumblebox, has been developed after extensive research aimed at identifying the features that contractors and end users need most. The air side incorporates a robust, easy-to-operate shut-off valve, and a large, easy-to-read, horizontally mounted gauge that is protected by a heavy rubber buffer. The shuttle valve is a simple cartridge type design, which is easy to service and replace.

Operating Modes:

  • Pressure Dump Mode: This is used when more than one gun is being supplied with high pressure water by the same pump. To achieve this arrangement, a nozzle with the same flow as the combined nozzles of the gun is located at the inlet to the energy diffuser. This maintains the same system pressure when there is not flow to the gun. The energy from the jet is absorbed by impacting the inside of the dissipater tube and then flowing away out of the end of the tube assembly.
  • Low Pressure Dump Mode: This is used when only one gun is used, and the high pressure water is supplied by a plunger pump. (Intensifier pumps do not work well if subjected to frequent pressure reductions to atmosphere.) In this configuration the Energy Diffuser and the nozzle assembly are not required, and the unused flow is discharged at low pressure when the trigger of the gun is released.
  • Dry Shut-Off Mode: This is employed when the pump has its own pressure compensator system (unloader). This is commonly found on an intensifier pump, as are plunger pumps. The unused flow is diverted at the pump, so the energy diffuser port at the valve can be plugged.
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