APS Canada Rentals

Our experienced staff can recommend the best tools based on your application and make sure you have everything you need to run your job, including hoses, adapters and fittings.
Please note: We do not rent pumps.
We can provide everything a customer needs between the pump and the application. All hoses, fittings and adapters necessary to use StoneAge equipment and tooling on the job are available in our rental facilities.
Our rental fleets are equipped with automated and rotary tools for high pressure water-blasting applications, such as:
  • Pipe Cleaning
  • Exchanger Cleaning
  • Surface Prep
  • Tank and Vessel Cleaning
  • Furnace and Boiler Cleaning
Equipment can be rented by day, week or month.
Please contact your local APS Canada rental facility to get a quote for the specific equipment and time frame that you require.
Renting from APS Canada is a great option when you want to:
  • Expand your fleet temporarily during times of peak use
  • Quickly get back-up equipment in the middle of a job
  • Try out newly released APS and StoneAge equipment
  • Use rent to own options for greater flexibility
Our purchase option provides an easy way to reduce overall capital investment when you want to add rented equipment to your fleet. You can receive credit equal to:
  • 90% of the paid rentals for a one-month rental
  • 80% of the paid rentals for a two-month rental
  • 70% of the paid rentals for a three-month rental
  • 60% of the paid rentals for a four-month rental
  • 50% of the paid rentals for rentals of five months or longer
APS Canada equipment rentals are first come first serve basis. If you have a large project requiring an automated solution, please contact us for assistance planning your project.
Payment is due upon the completion of the rental period stated in the rental agreement. Long-term rentals will be invoiced after the first month’s rent, and on a monthly cycle thereafter per the terms of your rental agreement.

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